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Your partner for oil filtration technology.
  • Ventury oil centrifuges for removing impurities
  • Oil filters for oil filtration stations VF
  • Filter cartridges VFE-MT against microparticles
  • Filter cartridges VFE-GM against the total pollution
  • Filter cartridges VFE-FS against dyes
  • Filter cartridges VFE-CMP for calcium, magnesium and phosphorus
  • Filter cartridges VFE-ACP against aldehydes and Peroxite
  • Filter cartridges VFE-W to water
  • VTK dryer to remove oil, the cheapest way water
  • Oil press for oil production
  • Oil filling bottles and cans for VAV
  • Oil Analysis

New ideas that will ensure benefits.
From contaminated vegetable or mineral oils to create valuable raw materials by our techniques and extend its life. Sonnenblumen Copyright (copyright) © by Oilsystems.

Technology for each oil:
  • Engine oil centrifuges in agriculture and trucks
  • Micro-filter for hydraulic oil in Construction
  • Particle filter in the oil industry
  • Oil centrifuge oil for machines in steel rolling mill
  • Transmission oil filter systems in wind turbines
  • Water for lubricating oil in sawmills
  • Micro oil filter for oil pumps in plants
  • Nano Filter for crude oil in the oil treatment
  • Base oil filtration in oil production
  • Particle filters for compressor oil equipment
  • Filter for cooling lubricating oil in machinery
  • Dirt filter for EDM oil in Werzeugbau
  • Iron filter for fuel oil in power plants
  • Oil dryer for transformer oil in substation
  • Water-oil filter for turbine oil in power plants
  • Magnesium filter for vegetable oil in biodiesel production
  • Phosphorus filter for rapeseed oil as fuel
  • Stainless steel filter for palm oil in CHP
  • Prefilter for sunflower oil for animal feed
  • Linseed oil filter for wood protection and color
  • Fiber filters for coconut oil in the cosmetics
  • Oil filter for eucalyptus oil in Wellness
  • Solids filter for salad oil from oil press
  • Peroxide-filter oil for frying in restaurants
  • Aldehyde reduction in fats of the food
  • Oil filter for sesame oil in the kitchen
  • Reduction of ketones in the oil snack businesses
  • Fish oil filters for the food industry
  • and many more, please contact us.

Ventury - Oil Centrifuges.

Decreases the proportion of dirt, increase and extend the uses of the oils. With increasing soil fractions reduces the lubricity and flowability. Dirt conventional filter cartridges use, are mostly very hard and extremely wear-promoting. Modern engines and equipment are sensitive to such particles. The purity of the oil therefore increasingly important. Specifically for these tasks, the Ventury - Technology developed.

  • Separation of large quantities of dirt
  • Deposition of very small particles of dirt
  • Longer oil filter life
  • Effective wear protection
  • Consistent separation
  • No disposable filter material necessary
  • Low disposal volume
  • Metal construction from high quality alloys
  • low cost, starting at 0.1 cents / liter
  • short payback time
V50 leer V50 leer
Ventury V20K
the small oil centrifuge.
Oil capacity: 20 liters / hour.
With 0.05 liters debris.
Speed: 12.000 1/min
Separation factor: 6.600g
Suction head: 2.5m
Suction line with strainer
Tubing: stainless steel
: 230V Schuko
Dimensions: 365x185x260mm Weight: 7 kg
Free shipping for EUR 2189.60
Ventury V100
the professionals.
Oil capacity: 100 liters / hour.
With 0.70 liters debris.
Speed: 16.800 1/min
Separation factor: up to 20,000 g
Oil temperatures to 68 ° C
Suction head: 1.5m
Suction line with strainer
Tubing: stainless steel
: 230V Schuko
Dimensions: 415x282x190mm Weight: 20kg
Free shipping for EUR 3.900, -
Ventury V300
The alternative for small amounts.
Oil flow rate: 70-270 l / hr.
With 0.32 liters debris.
Speed: 8.200 1/min
Separation factor: 3.500g
Oil temperatures up to 120 ° C
Required oil pressure: 5.5 bar.
Connector: Forward 3 / 8 "IG return 1" IG
Low oil pressure protection: optional
Dimensions: 170x132x190mm Weight: 3 kg
Free shipping for EUR 399, -
Ventury V500K
the cheap oil centrifuge.
Oil capacity :200-500 liters per hour.
The 0.55 liter dirt particles.
Speed: 6.800 1/min
Separation factor: 3.000g
Suction head: 2.5m
Suction line with strainer
Tubing: stainless steel
: 230V Schuko
Dimensions: 415x385x260mm Weight: 17 kg
Free shipping for EUR 1357.73
VP 50
Ventury V300PTO
when no power is available.
Oil flow rate: 70-270 l / hr.
With 0.32 liters debris.
Driven by PTO 500 rpm.
Dimensions: 260x260x490mm
Weight: 16 kg
Free shipping for EUR 969.85
Service and Cleaning Kit for V300
consists of:
- 2 pairs of replacement nozzles
- Service-Key Set
- Cleaning tulip with drip tray
Free shipping for EUR 81.83
Ventury V30

VF filter systems
With the filter systems opens up a wide range of applications. By using selected filter cartridges and a wide selection of filter additives filter, the respective tasks to be achieved selectively.
  • Also in FDA-compliant design possible
  • Deposition of very small particles of dirt
  • Targeted deposition of individual impurities
  • Effective wear protection
  • Large separation
  • Low disposal volume
  • Large selection of filter cartridges
  • Metal construction from high quality alloys
  • low cost, starting at 0.1 cents / liter
  • short payback time
Filter station VF500K
Feinstfilterstation for absolute cleanliness.
Oil capacity: up to 500 liters per hour. at 5CST.
Suction head: 2.5m
Tubing: stainless steel
Power supply: 230V, 500W
Dimensions: 510x390x720mm Weight: 30 kg
Free shipping for EUR 2421.46
Vacuum filter station VF5K
The inexpensive filter system for small quantities.
Oil capacity: up to 5 liters / hr, max.. 40,000 liters / year
Suction head: 2m
Tubing: plastic / stainless steel FDA
Power supply: 230V, 10W
Dimensions: 395x170x585mm Weight: 7 kg
Free shipping for EUR 754, -
Inline-filter VFI
Feinstfiltergehäuse, cpl. in stainless steel.
Oil flow rate in liters / hour. at 1cSt.
TypeFilter housingEUR
VFI 00 500 to 500 liters / hour 595,62
VFI 01 000 to 1,000 liters / hour 659,40
VFI 07 000 to 7,000 liters / hour 2.695,73
VFI 19 000 to 19,000 liters / hour 6.722,10
VFI 61 000 to 61,000 liters / hour 15.053,88
VFI151000 to 151 000 liters / hour 26.216,08
VFP1-230V Plug-in micro filter
Vacuum filter for direct installation at the plant.
Oil capacity: up to 1 liter / hr, max.. 8,000 liters / year
Bypass system
Suction head: 2m
Tubing: plastic, FDA
Power supply: 230V, 10W Weight: 5 kg
Free shipping for EUR 822.65
Standard filter VFE
the cheap filter
Oil capacity: up to 500 liters per hour. at 1cSt
FDA - compliant, simple to dispose of
VFE 060-P for particles up to 60 liters / hour 1,89
VFE 120-P for particles up to 120 liters / hour 2,58
VFE 250-P for particles up to 250 liters / hour 3,89
VFE 500-P for particles up to 500 liters / hour 6,18
VFE1000-P for particles to 1000 liters / hour 11,76
VFE special filter
ultra-fine filters
Oil capacity: up to 500 liters per hour. at 1cSt
FDA - compliant, simple to dispose of
VFE 500-GV to sat. Pollution 10,88
VFE 500-MP against micro-particles 34,08
VFE 500-NP to nanoparticles 8,17
VFE 500-W to water 23,69
VFE 500-FS dyes against 22,50
VFE 500-CMP against Ca, Mg and phosphorus 23,69
VFE 500-ACP against aldehydes and peroxides 24,88
VFE 500-ES Stainless steel reusable 694,29
VFE 500-HT High temperature filter up to 400 ° C20,21
Filter Filter BIG

P1 oil press
Small and economy model.
Eccentric screw press
Oil Yield: about 1 liter / hr.
Seed power: about 3 kg / hr.
Power supply: 230V, 400W
Dimensions: 373x170x388mm Weight: 22 kg
Free shipping for EUR 1573, -
P10 oil press
The Economic
Eccentric screw press
Oil Yield: about 10 liters per hour.
Seed power: about 30 kg / hr.
Power supply: 230V, 1500W
Dimensions: 532 x 243 x 475mm Weight: 76 kg
Free shipping for EUR 7235, -

VTK 50 oil dryer
Easy and economical to remove water.
Oil capacity: 50 liters / hour.
Energy efficient vacuum system.
To 8% water content.
Suction head: 8m
Tubing: stainless steel
Dimensions: 650x380x350mm
Weight: 95 kg
Free shipping for EUR 7178, -
VAV filling
Adjustable-Weight 5-32000 ml
Stainless Steel
For all oils
Infinitely adjustable
For bottles, buckets and cans
Dimensions: 255x340x750mm
Weight: 16 kg
Free shipping for EUR 2710, -

BE stainless steel container
For secure storage
with hinged lid
with total discharge
BE 0200 for 200 liters 404,57
BE 0500 for 500 liters 1.082,14
BE 1000 for 1000 Liter 2.223,87
BE 1800 for 1800 Liter 2.694,28
BE 2000 2000 liters 4.815,10
BEWW stainless steel container
For storage and heating
with hinged lid
with total discharge
with soil and / or wall heat exchanger WT
BEWW 0500 with wall-WT 4.669,20
BEBW 0500 with floor-WT 4.669,20
BEBWW0500 with floor and wall-WT 6.000,69
BEWW 1000 with wall-WT 5.027,99
BEBW 1000 with floor-WT 4.820,69
BEBWW 1000 with floor and wall-WT 6.359,48
BEWW 2000 with wall-WT 7.507,59
BEBW 2000 with floor-WT 6.622,59
BEBWW2000 with floor and wall WT 8.839,08

VP Oil Pumps
To secure oil supply
optional pressure control
optional level switches
without brass and bronze
for 12V, 24V, 110V and 230V voltage
VP Oil Pumps
For each oil the right thing
VPF 1 / 3000 Vane pump 1 bar 300Liter / h 218,10
VPI 3 / 30 Impeller pump 3bar 30 liter / h 459,45
VPK 1 / 100 Centrifugal pump 1 bar 100Liter / h 485,52
VPM 4 / 5 Membrane pump 4 bar 5 liter / h 370,09
VPS 2 / 5 Hose pump 2 bar 5 liter / h 310,35
VPZ 10/600 Gear pump 10bar 600Liter / h 476,41

Oil analysis, the window for oil
An analysis provides information about the condition of engine, fuel, gearbox, hydraulics and edible oils. Save time and money with a custom-made by our investigation. We examine your oil and evaluate the results with you. Oilsystems offers solutions in the field.
  • Saves machine failure
  • Safety in use
  • Specific Quality Assurance
  • Sample container we provide
  • For the safety of your customers
  • To comply with VAT. Specifications
  • Quick turnaround
  • Free advice in the analysis of selection
Analyses of mineral and synthetic oils
to prevent equipment failure.
Oil Analysis EUR
Ash content, ash oxide, in% 23,92
Bacteria, fungi, bacteria in cells / liter 79,73
BN Base number, alkaline. Neutralization 39,87
Brugger Test lubricant capacity 103,65
Cetane ignition 151,49
Chlorine content in mg / kg 71,76
Distillation, boiling curve 95,68
Density in kg / m³ 15,95
Breakdown voltage for electrical. Insulating oils19,93
CFPP filter plugging point in ° C 55,87
Flash point in ° C 39,87
Total contamination mg / kg 39,87
Calorific value, MJ / kg 63,78
IPH-value, pH value of biogas engine oil 39,87
Iodine value of vegetable oil determination 57,41
Coal-water-nitrogen and oxygen in%143,51
Carbon residue in% 39,87
Fuel content in motor oil 103,65
Cloud point, CP Cloud Point in ° C55,81
Metals, 30 different in mg / kg 79,73
Sodium and potassium in mg / kg 31,89
Phosphorus content in mg / kg 31,89
Particle count, purity classes 39,87
Lubricity hours wear 159,46
Sulfur content in mg / kg 39,87
Pour point, pour point in ° C 71,76
Viscosity in mm ² / s 31,89
KF water content in mg / kg 39,87
Analysis of vegetable oils
for their health.
Oil Analysis EUR
Bacteria and fungi 35,08
Calcium and magnesium content in mg / kg 63,78
Dioxins and furans 510,27
Dioxins, furans and PCBs 653,79
Erucic acid in% 63,78
Color index 19,93
Free fatty acids in% 47,84
Genetic analysis screening 255,14
Genetic analysis identified 95,68
Genetic analysis quantification 180,19
Odorants Request
Lecithin content in% 31,89
Organic Screening, acetate, glycerol, carboxylic acid 47,84
Identify organic alkanes, aldehydes151,49
Oxidative stability in hours 57,41
Polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons167,43
Polarized fraction% (cooking oil serviceability)19,14
and others, talk to us.


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